How to Stake SwagBucks using the Official Wallet Client - Altcoin Guides

Step 1

Run & Download the SwagBucks Wallet from the Official github, Link Here

Step 2

Allow SwagBucks Wallet to fully sync with the Network by letting it download the complete history of it's Blockchain! This may take some time with SwagBucks Client running in the Background, since you'll need to download every transaction ever recorded on SwagBucks Distributed Ledger


Step 3

Once fully Synced, it's time to secure your account by Encrypting your Wallet to ensure that coins are safe from unauthorized access. Use a Secure Password to keep your Stratis Wallet Secure, to Encrypt your SwagBucks wallet simply go to SETTING > ENCRYPT wallet. ''Change Passphrase" in order to set a secure password that will be required to Unlock your Wallet


Step 4

It's always a good idea to Backup your Wallet. Do this by clicking on FILE > BACKUP WALLET. this will prompt you to download a DAT. File. Keep the file secure in order to back up your tokens in the events that you need to restore access to your account, it's a good idea to store DAT. file on an external hardrive for safekeeping


Step 5

Buy SwagBucks via Cryptocurrency Exchanges that offer this trading pair, visit coinmarketcap.com for more information or visit popular exchanges like cryptopia or yobit. Once you obtain SwagBucks, transfer these coins to your official SwagBucks Wallet, this is process similar with other Cryptocurrencies where you send & receive via long addresses (identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters)


Step 6

It will take some time for SwagBucks coins to reflect in your Balance, once received proceed with the next step of unlocking the Wallet. The Wallet must be encrypted with a Passphrase, however the Wallet needs to be unlocked at the same time in order to begin staking SwagBucks. To unlock the Wallet go to SETTINGS > UNLOCK WALLET, it will request for Password which is the Passphrase set earlier in STEP 3


SwagBucks coins are issued at a rate of 1 coin per Block – every 64 seconds, the more an individual stakes SwagBucks, the more SwagBucks coins is giving out as a reward. An incentive for users to contribute towards making a more secure POS-based network by staking their coins

Many of you, eager to start staking your SwagBucks Coins will ask yourself this;
What is the total supply / inflation of SwagBucks?

To get a better understanding based on findings, as of October 1, 2017 there are 281,433 BUCKS outstanding.

A new block is derived via POS about every 64 seconds, and 1 BUCKS is generated per block. At a block target of 64 seconds, with 86,400 seconds in a day; we can expect an average of 1,350 blocks per day, generating approximately 1,350 new coins per day.   At 365 days a year this yields a stable 492,750 coins generated per year. 492,750/281,433 = 1.7508

So the inflation rate as of October 1, 2017 is about 175.08%, and this rate decreases as the total supply grows.
However, we can assume that not everyone stakes their BUCKS. This is what makes it seem like the inflation rate is greater than it is. Around 172,693 BUCKS are staked right now on October 1, 2017. This means that the 1,350 BUCKS generated per day are going to the holders of that 172,693 BUCKS. This would equate to earnings from staking equal to about 285.33% if 172,693 BUCKS were being staked the entire year (492,750/172,693 = 2.8533).